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Avala Imaging Center utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide faster, clearer diagnostic imaging for our patients. Avala Imaging utilizes the latest MRI, CT, and X-ray imaging technology every day, making for shorter scan times for patients and higher quality images.


Our cutting-edge MRI scanner brings “patient comfort” to a whole new level with LED lighting that mimics the outdoors. We offer flexible coil designs and novel applications to increase image quality in less time.


Our CT scanner provides smaller doses of radiation while also offering higher quality images then other facilities in the area. Our CT scanner is also certified to provide 3D images for our robotic surgeries: Globus ExcelsiusGPS used for spine surgeries and the Stryker Mako Technology used for total hip and total knee and partial knee replacement surgeries.


Our X-ray technology provides reduced radiation exposure times and immediate imaging previews for our radiologists to interpret for you. Avala can also enhance the overall quality of your image using special processing techniques.


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